Friday, March 27, 2009

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Race To Witch Mountain. It is about two aliens that look exactly like kids. I got to see this movie with my Dad and best friend Gracie. We went to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Do you want to hear about what happens in the movie ??? Well if you do read this. It starts of when you saw people working in some kind of lab. I think it was a science lab but with no experiments. They saw a U.F.O crash landing to Earth! Meanwhile in Vegas a guy named Jack Bruno ( Dwayne Johnson ) a taxi driver was picking up a person who needed a taxi. She was a U.F.O expert and she gave Jack her business card. Jack dropped her off and then started to drive again and he looked in his mirror. He saw two aliens that looked exactly like kids! He stared at them and asked what they were doing Where they came from? and who they were. They answered we need help and we needed to find someone or a few someones to help them with a ( little ) problem,We are not from your planet,and we are Sara and Seth. He helped them but before he did anything he asked them what their problem was. They replied...You will see what we are doing when we do it. They led his cab to a rusty,broken,creaking house. They went inside and Sara and Seth went through the house until they reached the other side of the room. There was a refrigerator and they used there powers to go in it. Jack realized it was a very haunted house. Inside the fridge there was a big ( and by big I mean ginourmus) indoor garden.Sara and Seth carefully rushed to the other side of the garden. They had to go carefully because there was someone else looking for what they were looking for. They found the gooey flower type thing and Sara put her hand through it and pulled out something. Jack asked them why they had to walk so carefully. Sara told him that somebody else was looking for what they just found. Jack told them What makes you so sure that the other person who was looking for it isn't still looking for it. All of a sudden they heard a CRASH and some of the garden broke and almost exploded. It was the robot who was looking for it!He saw that Seth had it in his hands.Then he knocked over part of the garden and shot it with his powers it got set on fire! Seth fell over and the robot stepped on him. Jack put Seth on his shoulders and Sara guided them to safety. They ran out of the house and got back into the taxi. After they had been driving for a while Seth started to wake up. Jack asked how he was doing and Sara said that Seth was fine. In a yelling type of tone he said good because you are going to need your strength to tell me JUST WHAT HAPPENED BACK THERE. ( capitals means he is yelling ) He also asked how they did that and how they found the secret house with the secret refrigerator? Sara said again we are not from your planet. Jack said you mean you are aliens? Sara and Seth nodded. Jack said well you don't look like aliens. Seth asked what aliens looked like? Jack answered they looked like little green people with antennas. Then Sara used her powers to make all of the Cds fall but she used her UN gravity powers and told Jack I have the ability to move things with my mind and make them stay there. Jack still said you cant just drop the were aliens bomb on someone that is insane. Just then the people who worked the lab that I talked about in the beginning came up in their black car and started beating the cab up. They wanted Sara and Seth. They also wanted Jack to be arrested or something like that. But just then Seth proved that him and Sara were not from Earth. He used his powers to go through the car's seat and then stood in front of the people who work the lab's car. He made it break and then he went back into the cab. They had already fixed the car and Jack told them to duck their heads and that they were in for a bumpy ride. While they were ducking Sara and Seth were talking about how they couldn't trust Jack but Sara still wanted to trust him. Sara admitted that they couldn't trust Jack but they couldn't tell him that. So if things got worse they would leave but if things got better they would stay. Jack did not hear them. They went out to a restaurant but the bad guys saw them. A nice woman named Tina was their waitress. It was good that she thought it was just Jack and his KIDS. After a while the bad guys surrounded the restaurant. ( with guns ) The police was at the same restaurant luckily. Jack told them and the police came out and got scared and ran away.Tina helped though. There was a secret place in her bathroom. It was a window but Jack and the alien kids couldn't get out. Jack announced that it was locked from the inside. Seth put his hand through the window and unlocked it. They got out and hopped from the roof to the top of a truck to the street and got in the taxi. They started driving out of the restaurants property and into the first taxi customer's office where she gives speeches and works. Jack was so happy that they found her. Sara Seth and Jack told her the whole story. Finally the helper customer person told them who could help. They went to the person who could helps mobile home. He told them that Sara and Seth's ship is inside Witch Mountain. He made Jack take the mobile home and he could take the taxi. The bad guys thought the person in the taxi was Jack so they surrounded the taxi but when they saw that it was not Jack they did not think it was funny. Jack the U.F.O expert person, Sara and Seth were all driving to Witch Mountain but just then someone found Sara and Seth and almost killed them. Jack almost got arrested. He escaped and got Sara and Seth to breathe again and went to Witch Mountain. They found Sara and Seth's ship and they left. A few years later Jack wrote a book and the bad guys leader wanted him to sign the book. I hope I made you want to see the movie Race To Witch Mountain.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New Glasses

I got new glasses in October. They are Teal. When I put them on I was so surprised at how much better I could see. When I heard that I had to get them I was not happy. But I am used to them now and I like them much better then I did before. I am so used to them that when I take them off everything is just blurry. I was about to get my glasses at Costco but I did not like any of the ones on me. My mom gave me the choice of asking my dad to come to Costco a different time but I decided that he would just make me get a pair. So a different day I went to the eye doctors office to find a pair that I like and I chose the Teal ones. Before I got glasses I failed the seeing test at the doctors office.I took it again and I failed again.I had to take weird tests with letters and numbers and balloons and other things. As you can see now that I am used to them I LOVE my glasses.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Trip To Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My trip to Disneyland in August was amazing. I went on three rides that i have never been on before. All of them are my favorites but i still have one more. The three that i went on are Space Mountain, Matterhorn and Indiana Jones. The one i went on for the second time was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I also went on Star Tours for the first time but i didn't like it too much. When i went on The Haunted Mansion, I was really freaked out. My favorite part of the Haunted Mansion was when they twisted you to a mirror and you were sitting with a ghost! My favorite part of Matterhorn was the abominable snowman. It was really creepy. I really liked Space Mountain. It was pitch black other than the stars and the planets if there were any. I cannot remember. It went sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast. I put my arms up at the beginning but when i tried later on, the wind was blowing my arms back. I definitely remember that! I also had to go on Buzz, Peter Pan and Whinnie the pooh which I also like but they are not my favorites. ( I have little brothers) There was also a train that i thought was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool. There were fake (not too fake) dinosaurs. There were also wild animals. You could see Splash Mountain!!!! That is not even a quarter of my fun at Disneyland!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Horton The Elephant.

On Friday March 21,2008 I went to go see Horton Hears A Who?It's about an elephant who finds a speck and the kangaroo says there is no tiny people on the speck but there really is a whole town of small people in the speck.One of the people puts a horn were the jungle and whoville connects and Horton and the one of the whos start talking to each other and they become friends.The who that Horton is talking to has...96 daughters and 1 son.The kangaroos tell everyone in the jungle about Horton thinking there are tiny people on a speck.They try to cage him and rope him they also said they would throw the speck into a pot of boiling water.Horton told the whos to chant...WE ARE HERE WE ARE HERE WE ARE HERE!The little joey was the only one other than Horton who heard the whos.The joey grabbed the speck before it got in the water and handed it to Horton.THE WHOS WERE SAVED!I think Horton Hears A Who was a great movie.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Las vegas and hotels.

On Friday October 19 2007 we went to Las Vegas. The part that i liked best was the hotel circus-circus. Once I went inside that was the hotel I wanted to stay in. there was games and rides inside was the games and outside was the rides. what I mean by rides is that in that hotel somewhere around the games was the adventure dome. It is a place that has rides like a mini Ferris wheel,dumbo except with planes,a bus where you sit in it and it looks like (and it is)going forwards and backwards,a train mini roller coaster and last,but definitely not least the frog hopper. where you sit in a little seat that nine other people could go in a bar comes down and you go up and down it tickles your stomach when it bounces up and down. Our hotel was not that fun instead there was a noisy and smokey casino. and it was not a very fun hotel. That is what we did at circus -circus Las Vegas.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Webkins are fun.

Webkinz are these fun little stuffed animals and they come with computer games. you have a secret code and a password and you enter in to webkinz world. Where if you know any people that have webkinz and you know their user name. and your in the same color zone as them you can invite them over. what i mean by that is that you can buy rooms. I bought a living room , 1 room for my poodle webkinz and 1 room for my rabbit webkinz, a garden, a bath room and a kitchen. in webkinz world there is an arcade were you and your pet play lots of games. there is an employment office were you get to do some jobs. and tournament arena were you do tournaments with other webkinz. a W shop a Curio shop where you can either shop or do gem hunting. And lots more. it's really fun and that is the end.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My birthday party!

On July 8th I had a birthday party at Build A Bear.I made a yellow and orange bear. Her name is Savanah. On July 4th and 7th i was really exited because of the days before my birthday and my party.And July 4th i liked the fireworks.I invited all of my friends. My party and birthday were really fun. Beacause on my birthday i had Starbucks, My dad sprayed my slide on my swingset ,And then we went swimming,and last we went to Chuckie cheese and then we had chocolate birthday cake with edible flowers it was yummy.That is all about me and my birthday party. P.S.It is almost my mommy's birthday.(on July 16th)